Western Sydney Aerotropolis Planning Package

The draft plans for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis are now available – and this article points out five interesting features of the package.

1. New zones are proposed which do not align with the Standard Local Environmental Plan. This means that certain State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) will not automatically apply to land within the Aerotropolis in the future.

2. A master planning process will be available to landowners with a minimum site area of 100 hectares. The master planning process will allow landowners to provide detailed land use planning and arrangements across a site. Governance arrangements for the master planning process will be released at a later time.

3. Noise exposure maps are now accessible which show noise impacts extending in north-easterly and south-westerly directions from the proposed Nancy Bird Walton Airport. Controls will be implemented to prevent residential communities and other noise sensitive land uses from being located within these areas.

4. The proposed controls introduce a new approach to transportation. Prioritisation is given to pedestrians and cyclists, and where on-site parking is provided it will be required to “be limited” with “priority… given to ride and share schemes” and “is to be designed so that it can transition to alternative uses over time“.

5. The precinct will be planned around a new Sydney Metro station. This means that the finalised precinct plans are expected  in late 2020, to align with the confirmation of further metro station locations in Western Sydney.

Click here to access the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Planning Package documentation.


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