Infrastructure contributions system improvements

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is proposing changes to the infrastructure contributions system and is currently seeking feedback on the proposed changes up to Friday 12 June 2020.

The Department’s proposed changes fall into five areas as follows:

  1. Draft planning agreements policy framework – proposed guidance material to provide more transparency around the planning agreement process.
  2. Improving the review of local infrastructure contributions plans discussion paper – proposed efficiency reforms to the review process for section 7.11 contributions plans.
  3. Criteria to request a higher section 7.12 percentage discussion paper – proposed criteria to provide clarity and guidance on when higher percentage rates for section 7.12 contributions may be appropriate, particularly for centres and economic corridors.
  4. Draft Special Infrastructure Contributions (SIC) guidelines – proposed guidelines to improve transparency around the purpose and function of SICs.
  5. Proposed amendments to the EP&A Regulation – proposed changes to improve transparency in the infrastructure contributions system through clearer accounting and reporting of state and local contributions plans.

Documents outlining the proposed changes can be accessed on the Department’s website by clicking here.


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